Family man and photographer, lover of coffee and master of creativity! Residing in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia.

From the British armed forces where I honed the unique art of camouflage and concealment to disguise shape, shine, sound, silhouette, smell and movement. To becoming a photographer and creative, enhancing and documenting yours.

The journey was an education in itself.


Architectural history and world culture shaped my early 20’s as a sculptor, faux finish painter and creative hippy, before I discovered commercial art in nature.

During these years as a practitioner I honed my skills further refining my observations of nature restoring heritage listed buildings and seamlessly blending new with old.

Discovering opera soon opened my eyes to theatrical scenery building for stage and film (sorry to ruin the surprise) and I realised my skills were destined for a larger audience…


The art of illusion would be the best way to describe my 30’s, working closely with directors, designers, architects, and event organisers, respecting the form and function of their design enduring long hours to solve and achieve technical problems and understanding how the eye and camera see what is presented.

I was lucky enough to travel extensively for work and play, observing cultural differences and our exquisite planet fuelled my need to document through photography.


Moving from London to Australia, my photography business grew as fast as Perth’s outer suburbs. Early aerial assignments would document generous distance between the sprawling estates north of Joondalup. An aerial assignment now would see little scrub between South Yunderup and two Rocks. Western Australia is alive with sun drenched events, development, ever evolving cityscapes, great theatre, energetic dance, spectacular wedding venues, beaches and SO MUCH PUBLIC OPEN SPACE. Modelling, culture, a modest heritage listing and what can I say about the sunsets except THANK YOU!

I appreciate your country and the hard work you do to make it so.
With the greatest respect to your form and functions, I capture high quality and unique images to celebrate the shape, shine, sound, silhouette, smell and movement of your work

I look forward to working with you soon.

(Disclaimer; I cannot guarantee to capture the smell and sound of your work with a still image)